Samsung launches a new and improved Galaxy Fold.

The company took several months to correct the failures identified by the critics.

The Samsung Electronics Co. technology company decided to relaunch the Samsung Fold in September, the smartphone that several months ago had to take off the market after identifying failures with its flexible display.

It is Samsung's first folding device and the beginning of an entirely new mobile category. In a press release, it was reported that the company took the time to evaluate the product design, make the necessary improvements, and perform rigorous tests to validate the changes.

Among these modifications, the most important is that the upper protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display (the flexible screen).

Now it extends below the frame so that it does not look like a screen protector, and accidentally removed as it happened with the first Models tested by some journalists.

Also, it now has additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles without losing the characteristics of its folding experience.

It was also reported that the top and bottom of the hinge area were reinforced with newly added protective caps. Additional metal layers were included under the Infinity Flex screen to strengthen screen protection, and the space between the hinge and the body of the Galaxy Fold was reduced.

Along with these improvements, the overall user experience of the Galaxy Fold was also worked.

The company is conducting final product tests to make the model available to consumers as of September.

The Galaxy Fold completely reinvents mobile devices and changes the way users interact, communicate, and experience everyday life.

It's stylized design and coating with materials and luxury finish; the Galaxy Fold allows you to immerse yourself in what you need, from the palm of your hand.

Last April, Samsung canceled the launch of the Galaxy Fold, whose cost amounts to $ 1,980, after some models presented problems on their screens.

It is the first folding smartphone worldwide, a symbol of its technological expertise.

In early July, Samsung Electronics CEO Dong Jing Koh was sorry for a media approach due to the delay of the Galaxy Fold: "It was embarrassing. I pressed before I was ready," he confessed.