Robots in Future to Fill Up Labor Shortage Space

Failing to find qualified labor, an SME from Trois-Rivières, active in particular in the field of aeronautics, is equipped with robots.

MF2 Aero will have two at his service. Each device replaces three employees.

Robots are versatile.

In particular, they are assigned to the quality tests of the machined parts; a repetitive task recognized to be less rewarding for the employees.

It is explained that valuable human resources are instead reserved for value-added tasks.

"This year, we have a growth of 30%. It's tough for us to find the workforce, so that's the way we apply, automation, collaborative robotics. We are investing in it, "explains Frédéric Tremblay, CEO of MF2 Aér0.

Quebec City and Ottawa are providing significant financial support to the SME, which is investing just over $ 600,000 in new technology.

Automation is precisely a path that the Minister of Labor encourages businesses to borrow to compensate for the scarcity of the workforce.

"Not only does it improve the productivity of businesses, but it also increases their profitability," said Minister Jean Boulet.

MF2 Aero indicates that the well-being and retention of its workers is a priority. Recently, after requiring an additional effort over six weeks to complete a significant contract, the company's CEO invited all staff to a good restaurant and also offered gifts.

The SME also offered three students, in exchange for their service, to pay them during their training.