Marshmello, a unique concert at the Fortnite World Cup

The closing of the Fortnite World Cup 2019 will be individual for many reasons on this Sunday.

First for the grand finale alone, to see if Saturday's record will be exceeded by spectators.

For the expected wink of Season 10 and also for the concert of Marshmello before everything starts.

The time of the concert and the competition is set to give the highest possible show in which it is undoubtedly the point of action of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The spectacular New York stadium where the Marshmello concert and the concert will be combined with a few minutes apart Grand Final of the Fortnite World Cup.

As an unexpected bomb that few expected. On Friday it was Marshmello himself in an interview during the event with Ninja who confirmed that minutes before the grand finale he would give a special concert at the stadium.

The protagonist in the Battle Royale, Marshmello will have a precise time for the start of the concert and although the previous one is estimated for 18.30h. This Sunday, July 28, the official concert time will be at 7:00 p.m. just before the grand finale.

At least that is what Epic Games tells us in its particular statement, although we will be attached to the screen anyway at 6.30pm. (Spanish time) to not miss anything that happens in New York.

The Marshmello concert can be seen on all official channels that broadcast the Fortnite World Cup.

But many streamers and YouTubers are not giving the full signal, so it is safest to enjoy it on the official website of the competition.
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