Fundamental tips to protect yourself in networks and applications.

Today we are regularly exposed to possible leaks of our data, so there are several fundamental tips to follow.

As users of different social networks and applications, we demand that providers guarantee us security and privacy.

But there are precautions that we can take so that our data is not compromised.

The first thing we should know is the distinction between security and privacy.

On the one hand, security is all about the absence of danger or the feeling of trust. Meanwhile, privacy refers to the protection of exposure and violation of data and information.

For example, you bought a house with large windows and decided to install bars to be protected.

Your house raised the security level with the measures taken, but your privacy did not improve. It is how applications and sites work in the digital world: we have to take both factors into account.

From F5, a company that is dedicated to security and solutions in apps and data, indicate that telecommunications companies, in our country and the world, work actively in cybersecurity to offer added value.

The biggest challenge they have is to achieve an integrated vision of security with highly trained teams.

The right technology that is not only looking at happening at the country level but also can warn of threats coming from the outside.

It is essential to be coordinated and synchronized to be able to repel these attacks in real-time.

Mitigate everything that can affect not only what information is but also access to applications.