FaceApp and other applications that have become fashionable

Applications are the order of the day. There is no one with a smartphone that has not tried any, especially those that help you have your day to day more controlled.

But they are not the only ones. FaceApp, for example, is one of the most popular applications in recent days.

Next, we are going to know some fashion applications for smartphones, including FaceApp, the one that makes you earn a few years with just one photo.

Do you want to know which ones are in fashion? Well, do not miss it. Surely you didn't know any of them.

The FaceApp is simply an application that helps you change your appearance with just one photo. You can see how you will be old, how you would be a man or how you would be a woman. Also, as you would be a baby ..., is an excellent option to laugh, without a doubt.

Also, it is straightforward to use since you only have to upload a photo and modify the different options offered by the application.

You can even change the faces of the most famous characters! Just having to upload a photo, you can do it from whoever you want.

What would Shakira have been like if he were a man? Or what did Messi look like when he was a child? And Pedro SΓ‘nchez when he is an older man? You can see everything from this fashion app.