Applications have malware remain on Google Play.

A study on Android security during the first half of 2019 ensures that 2% of apps removed from Google Play are considered malware and that they have remained in the store for up to 138 days.

A report prepared by ElevenPath on the state of security in the first half of 2019 analyzes security on Android. As detailed, during this first semester a total of 44,782 applications were removed from the official Google store.

Likewise, and as part of the study, they analyzed a set of 5,000 applications as a sample, of which a total of 115 were rating as malicious.

Therefore, extrapolating these figures, they concluded that about 2% of applications removed from Google Play during the first half of 2019 were considered malware.

The report also analyzed the permanence time of these malicious apps on Google Play and revealed that these malicious apps were an average of 51 days available for download.

Before being removed, I am even remaining up to 138 days in some cases.

The reality also indicates that, as we have reported several times.

Many malicious applications manage to violate the security filters from the official Google store (as well as Apple's) and are available for download.

ESET security researcher Lukas Stefanko said that "different investigations have shown on multiple occasions that Google Play protection systems are not impregnable.

But despite not being as safe as a military base, it does a good job fighting those critical applications, and if they are detected, they eliminate them.

I am even preventing developers whose accounts were banned from creating new accounts to continue trying to publish malicious apps.