3 applications to listen to podcasts on the iPhone.

Podcasts are at their best and what better way to listen to them than from your iPhone wherever you go. Let's look at the best options, beyond Podcasts.

Such is the importance of podcasts as content to enjoy on our smartphones that from the first days, iPhone and iPad have their app, precisely called Podcasts. Even Spotify has climbed into the car, offering podcast content in its application.

But like everything else, in the App Store, we will find alternatives to enjoy the best radio programs or podcasts while we go down the street or travel there.


One of the complete alternatives to Apple Podcasts is Overcast, an app adapted for both iPhone and iPad and Apple Watch. Of course, in addition to playing podcasts, it has an extensive catalog of content in several languages, especially in English.

Among its most outstanding functions:

1. It has offline playback,
2. personalized recommendations,
4. smart playlists,
5. podcast subscription or loose episode playback,
2. speed control, so you don't waste time and skip the silences.


Speed control, silence detector, offline mode, and much more is what Breaker offers, an app to enjoy the best podcasts, and that also has a social component.

As a podcast player, it offers a catalog of more than 500,000 different programs.

And in regards to its social function, it allows us to talk with other users.

Create our profile with the plans we like the most, follow other users or share content on Twitter and Facebook.

RSS Radio

Its name does not attract much attention.

But RSSRadio is an excellent option to download and play podcasts if you do not want too many complications.

RSSRadio has advanced features such as:

1. skipping the silences,
2. improving the audio with the help of its equalizer,
3. synchronization with iCloud or Dropbox,
4. sleep mode to turn off at a specific time, etc.

That without counting on your podcast directory to find new programs.