In an exclusive advance we tried a living legend, the famous Nissan GT-R

NSX, RX-7, Skyline, or Supra. These are undoubtedly the names of the largest, Japanese, four-wheeled, sporting legends, which, however, at the beginning of the third millennium affected the merciless destiny and their long-term existence ended in the closure of one significant automotive chapter. Of course, over time, we have witnessed many attempts and efforts to revive these icons, but it was up to Nissan, which in 2007 brought a remarkable model.

In an exclusive advance we tried a living legend, the famous Nissan GT-R
In an exclusive advance, we tried a living legend, the famous Nissan GT-R.

Although the name of his name crossed the iconic name Skyline, everyone was immediately clear what is going on, after all, the carmaker itself introduced us the bestial sportsman as his direct successor.

Undoubtedly, I come across the modern GT-R, which would be entirely in vain because it is a top piece of Japanese engineering that has long since become wider and yet it has been some Friday that has its own way and shocks the world with its properties.

In the beginning, this ambitious achievement had no place on roses at all, but with practically every year less or more refinement, the sportiest Nissan of the last decade began to build respect even among the sports brands of the most famous names.

And to make matters worse, in 2013 we saw the version of Nismo, which swept with all the then Nürburgring supersports. At the same time, paradoxically, we are talking about a car that is slowly but surely pulling on its tenth anniversary, which adds to the increasing number of rumors of a new, hybrid generation.

However, in March this year, the Japanese shuffled the cards and showed us the last, really large-scale facelift of the R35. At this moment, a fascinating story is about the essence of which is the model year 2017.

Glow wonder, Nissan's home office, correctly the people behind the Slovak GT-R project, managed to escape, and at the Bratislava Motor Show its European premiere! Of course, we could not miss it, but it was not the last word and a few months later, the smart boys got the best again - it was Slovakia, specifically Bratislava, where at the beginning of August came the first two serial specimens throughout Europe and just a few days on we had the privilege of this and we got one of these pieces exclusively for the test!

However, this is not a standard test because this is far from a classic car. In fact, categorizing the GT-R has always been complicated, if not impossible, - it does not offer the charm and comfort of a luxury GT, but with its abilities, it cannot sleep the best supports, even though it is not supersport as such. Yes, we know, it's Godzilla, but what does it mean and why is MY2017 so praised?

Internal reports say that the successor to the R35 will be around in about two years, so it is clear that the latest facelift of the current model was not so substantial by chance. To keep an almost 10-year-old model alive is not fun for a year, but I must say that when you see this GT-R live, it is not absolutely evident from the outside that it has been on the neck for so many years.

Most recently, the exterior boasts a redesigned body kit in the top-of-the-line Nismo style, which ensures higher downforce at higher speeds and better cooling or reduces the unpleasant effect of airflow. By the way, I never really liked black specimens, this all-black piece, including the black, very impressive 20 "Dunlop SP Sport MAXX GT 600 DSST CTT tires (255/40 and 285/35, respectively).

It is true that in such a configuration some details of the bodywork, which would perfectly fit in combination with the white or the new orange Katsura lacquer (the second GT-R MY2017 in our country), are used, the used black finish. Pearl with an exciting, kind of shimmering metallic effect is, of course, a grand parade.

The body with numerous uses of aluminum will noticeably rejuvenate from the front, where we have a brand new bumper with added saltpeter on its sides. Although it may not seem at first glance, the front mask with a differently designed hole has undergone more extensive changes. Of course, the main headlights, which since 2015 are high-performance, purely LED technology with impressive interior graphics, will be the most excellent attention. In profile, the GT-R retains its unmistakable silhouette that has not changed in the last few years. With the old one, there is also the famous handle, which you must first push in the right corner to get you out of the left and then open the door. The horror and fear of this Japanese culminate in the back, where a large wing, a pair of round LED lights with equally improved graphics, while the bottom of an almost perpendicularly trimmed butt throne megalomaniac tailpipes, which finish after upgrading as standard, thoroughly titanium exhaust pipe.

It is evident that this uncompromising issue does not have the charm and hype of the Italian super sports, that the GT-R is not only functionally tuned to the exterior and adapted to the last detail. For the unbelievers, for example, I recall the perfect air coefficient (cd), which is only 0.26. Our attention should not be paid to the brakes Brembo with two-piece internal bladed discs with a diamond pattern (390 front and 380 mm rear, respectively) or hollow transverse stabilizers front and back with a tubular, seamless design for maximum contact of all tires with the road in extreme cornering.

Even though the Japanese Godzilla has been sharpened in shape from the outside, the interior has become much more enjoyable, or better to say, Nissan talks about this facelift as the most comfortable GT-Rk of all time. After all, you know, these marketing junkies are usually, in no small extent, tinged, but in this case, we're not really being tugged. The cockpit is a lovely surprise, and without exaggeration, we can say that it is much better and kinder. The result is a much more valuable looking dashboard and a center panel that is linked to it, with its ornate infotainment with a new 8 ”touch screen. It is true that some elements and solutions could be done even better and more careful, but this is not the car. From the interior, the tangle of buttons has disappeared so far, but the magic of the three controls designed to change the gearbox, shock absorber, and power distribution to the wheels remains in place, right behind the gearbox lever. Newly implemented is a combined multimedia driver, carbon decor, aluminum details or more frequent and better leather. The alarm clocks remained faithful to their austere visuals, but their interior changed subtly, and what was to be most praised is the all-new, 3-shoulder leather multifunction steering wheel. He finally looks to the world, is well served, and the difference is that the large aluminum paddles spin with him because they are no longer anchored to its center. The Bose quality audio system has been pleasantly surprised, and the icing on the cake is, of course, the premium Recaro sports seat, which will give you a smile on your face when setting to Black Edition.

If you still live in the fact that this article is just about another of many sports cars, the situation is changing at this point. And it is vigorously. Just press the magical red button, and in a fraction of a few seconds you'll find out that you're sitting in something entirely different from the rest, accompanied by the surrounding sound. I do not mean now the sound of the engine as such, after all, the V8 / V10 will show you a more beautiful symphony, but the GT-R cockpit will turn into something of a racing special. Right now, you start to wonder what the car is all about. From the front, you can hear the hand-held, double-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 with 419 kW / 570 hp running in the middle of the front axle, feeling the carbon composite input and output shaft working from the center tunnel while from the rear you will hear the rear differential and the 6-speed sequential dual clutch transmission. Yes, this car is a machine in the real sense of the word, and after just a few kilometers behind the wheel, you will not feel like sitting in a machine room.

Attention has already been made to the fact that this undercarriage platform is definitely not one of the traditional ones, which is evidenced by the engine's displacement backward and the gearbox separation of that unit as the gearbox found, along with the transfer case, in the rear of the car. In other words, the GT-R is the world's first all-wheel-drive vehicle with independent transmission. By using this concept, the front of the car is noticeably relieved, while by transferring more weight to the rear axle there is a noticeable improvement in traction, braking effect and, last but not least, stability. We will not lie, the almost even weight distribution (1,752 kg) has made it, and in a hundred you sit on a winding road like a nail, not to mention more than twice the speed on the straights. When you switch individual settings to R mode, the Bilstein DampTronic adaptive dampers still solidify, the gearbox begins to shift in 0.15 seconds (!), And all-wheel drive begins to work so sophisticatedly that I need a separate documentary character for a detailed description.

In short, sensors located in a wholly covered chassis scan the road surface and, depending on the situation, can transfer power to another wheel - in normal driving on a dry surface, the rear axle receives 98% of power, while in heavy rain each of the four wheels takes a portion of 20% of total performance. Based on whether you are turning in a twist or understeer style, the differentials will start to make great magic and serve the maximum torque of 637 N.m in the 3300 - 5800 rpm range as needed. To summarize, no matter how much you drive, no matter what degree you are assigned to, no matter what position you have the steering wheel and whether it is 35 degrees outside or the wheelbarrow falling when you press the right pedal on the floor, the car pulls, pulls and pulls Something Unreal. The most shocking thing is that from the idle state, you shoot at a hundred in just 2.7, in words two whole seven tenths, seconds (!), Which is no longer funny. But the problem is that this car tends to accelerate in a similar vein even at a speed of one hundred or fifty kilometers per hour, so you have as close to a maximum speed of 315 km / h and 800 euros as you would in any mass-produced car. Our market.

It should be noted, however, that in "normal circumstances and in normal driving in automatic mode," the gearbox at 6 mph (6 mph) will give you the Englishman's 6th, thinking somewhere in the soul even for consumption. But if you subsequently realize in a split second that you can go over 300 on the same 6, use is the last thing you are interested in. So here to write about how much it eats is entirely irrelevant. Perhaps it is enough to say that if you do not empty a 74-liter tank with only 100 octane gasoline in about 150 kilometers, you have absolutely no idea what a great Nissan GT-R is! Even more ornate turbochargers, 20 more horsepower boosted at 6800 rpm and a more powerful fantasy over 7000 rpm in this car you want to experience whenever you can because when this temperament and speed parameters are transferred to the road, unreal things happen around you.

Nowadays, there is no shortage of fast cars. The concept of a fast car, however, was given a whole new dimension in my eyes by Nissan GT-R. When I just got off the back of the R8 steering wheel, I was convinced that I was saturated for a long time in terms of the experience of the automobile super dump. I was wrong and a lot. This car is an entirely different world. The world in which you may not understand at first sight among the laypersons who want the precision of the German standard or the charm of Italian super sports, just after 2.7 seconds they will be the ones who will beg for your favor in silent astonishment. Especially in Slovakia, there is a small percentage of "fast" vehicles that can keep up with what the Japanese have been jeweling for more than 10 years to shock the world. And they really shake him. Not only did they manage to revive the legend, but what's more, they made it a legend even more legendary, which still lives and is engraved in memory forever. But beware, this car is not for gelled dudes who want to take a local disco on Friday, this is the "real" car that knows this is not an elegant handbag representing your position, but an uncompromising machine of fabulous features.

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