Exclusively: The third Czech LaFerrari looks and sounds like 35 million crowns?

Who would have said that in our small, and even relatively weak, countries in the middle of Europe, there will be such an enormous number of private vehicles? In fact, their name surprised us as the founder of the website Exclusive Cars from Slovak and Czech Roads, which is proof that we are not obviously so bad here. Even more surprising is the fact that I write that both the Czech Republic and Slovakia are far from mediocre, even on the "Holy Trinity" hypersport, namely Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and Porsche 918 Spyder. Undoubtedly, one does not see them every day, but if you are staying mainly in one of our capitals, you know that they are not such rarities. While there is no problem in Bratislava (or around Lučenec) meeting more than 918, orange P1 turns out from time to time, but Prague is the biggest paradise for the local car spotters, where it goes, among other things, to a large number of LaFerrari. Seeing it live is now even easier.

Exclusively: The third Czech LaFerrari looks and sounds like 35 million crowns?
Exclusively: The third Czech LaFerrari looks and sounds like 35 million crowns?

LaFerrari's third home in the country has already visited the Czech Republic after a recent short-term but more exciting visit to the black. This time, the new specimen was first directed to the Ferrari showroom in Prague, where it has attracted attention for some day. Unfortunately, we could not attend the delivery in person, but our long-time fan, one of the most famous Czech car spotters, Tomáš Dvořák, who is “hiding” behind the most successful Instagram of his kind in the Czech Republic, with the arrival of pride from the authentic footage, video and backstage information, Maranello exclusive approached.

And this is in detail because you can see the entire process of moving from the "folded" service to the Scuderia Praha showroom where it is currently located on the enclosed video below. As you have undoubtedly noticed, the third LaFerrari is not a mistake, because unlike the other two red pieces, this is an extraordinarily beautiful white pearl lacquer Bianco Fuji, which is available at an additional cost. The truth is that it lacks an extra Carbon packet, but it looks really great (I personally consider it one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen), which is definitely the contrasting 5-spoke black discs behind the bulky yellow calipers, but also black roof or interior reddish. Because we know that LaFerrari was created in a strictly limited number of only 499 pieces, this specimen is no exception, and there is a 1/499 plaque in its interior. But do not be wrong, it is not the first Ferrari, because Ferrari the same plate planted all his pieces this time.

The specimens appear even more particular impression and last but not least, the car manufacturer soothes passionate fans to literally do not drag on who their own the example was ordered earlier, and thus the number of the given customer was.

An exciting feature is the steering wheel, which at its bottom contains a unique plaque with the inscription "For Robert." Yes, I will surely be pleased with many scouts, as I will overtake you, and before you ask the lucky owner of this exclusivity, I will write that it is a car driver and co-owner of the official Scuderia Praha importer, Robert Pergl. He had allegedly waited for his white hypersport for up to two years, and in conjunction with his person, I would add in the past that, among other things, he owned an equally impressive Ferrari Enzo, the direct predecessor of his latest addition.

As I have already pointed out in the photos on our site, for a real car fan, the car itself is more important than its owner's name or the origin of its funds, so let's remember what LaF is hiding under its attractive shapes. The driving apparatus is based on a twelve-cylinder with a capacity of 6.262 liters and an output of 800 hp. A vast, rear-mounted engine, but also a new 163-horsepower electric motor. As a result, still, the most well-known and most exclusive series-produced Ferrari offers together up to 963 horses. It accelerates to a hundred in less than 3 seconds, while it is 6.8 seconds on a two-track and a three-hundred on a speedometer in approximately 15 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 350 km / h. At the same time, LaFerrari is the most expensive Ferrari serial ever since the Maranello flagship price range is around 1.3 million euros for a new piece.

In recent weeks, LaFerrari is clearly the number one on our scene, as evidenced by this new addition to Prague. Shortly after the world went around a video of a single Slovak specimen crash, the internet was flooded with authentic photographs from a specific East Slovak living room, where LaFerrari found itself after its repair. Only a few days later, the dust of the streets of Prague indeed magnified the black piece from Switzerland, whose owner went (even off-season) to a road trip in Europe. Now we have a white LaFerrari, which you can see for a while in the Ferrari store in Prague. In conclusion, I have nothing else but to wish the owner a lot of happy kilometers and fun behind the wheel, and so we can sooner or later definitely look forward to spots that you will find in full beauty on our website Exclusive cars from the Slovak and Czech routes!

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