Does Volvo Have the Best Deal on the Market? We've tested the new V60 and are excited

You may be telling us the truth that Volvo has hardened the last few years, as evidenced by a thoroughly renewed portfolio of beautiful models. In the lead of the new generations, the elegant design, which is in a purely minimalist style and high technology, is a word that makes German premiums a lot of attention.

Does Volvo Have the Best Deal on the Market? We've tested the new V60 and are excited
Does Volvo Have the Best Deal on the Market? We've tested the new V60 and are excited.

Perhaps doubly true for the latest generation V60, the traditional mid-range representative in a practical packaging. It was this novelty that we had the privilege to venture through the test. We were not surprised at how Volvo could combine breathtaking design, spectacular practicality, and remarkable driveability of the 310-ton T6 AWD Momentum.

The Swedes deserve the first, several labyrinths, for the design above, which is truly breathtaking. Although our specimen was a bit dull and bland in color, with the V60, you will never be part of the herd.

The exterior combines clean lines with a handful of distinctive and dynamic elements, especially in the front. This is dominated by a full mask that extends the vehicle considerably and ultimately by narrow full-LED headlamps with excellent functionality and traditionally elongated Thor's hammer. The unique light signature adds a distinct look to the V60, but the truth is that the new generation has lost a bit of unusual because it is aesthetically pleasing to the more massive V90.

 We have always had Volvo as a Mercedes-Benz, exceptionally comfortable, comfortable, and luxurious cars, which continues to apply. But then we sat behind the wheel of this V60 T6 with a sports lowered chassis, an excellent machine, 310 horses, and we remained in silent astonishment as the car works unique and ultimately reminds BMW of its sporty expression. And that's a compliment.

The brand's current philosophy is, of course, a four-cylinder. Yes, to hear that the six-cylinder is a six-cylinder, you didn't need to open our test because it's just a fact, but ... The 2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine is excellent in the V60, well-cultivated, has a very pleasant to good sound, and above all With a power of 228 kW / 310 hp and 400 Nm, it can really sweep this car.

Especially the chassis makes the car extremely comfortable because on those 19 "it fits perfectly on the road, it is sporting tough, but on the broken way, the frame can very well, comfortably filter inequalities.

Some boxes, which we had the opportunity to test in the past, had a relatively non-communicative control, in the case of the new V60 it is certainly not, on the contrary, the steering is pleasantly rigid and literally over the wheel feel that you have the car firmly in your hands. Again, this Bavarian feeling, which is still a compliment.

Our version has a four-wheel drive, which works brilliantly and suspiciously, while the shifting takes care of an excellent eight-speed automatic. In normal driving, it ranks quite smoothly, quickly and quietly, but sometimes tends to rank relatively high, and sometimes you hear the booming sound of the engine that pleads for a lower degree. Unfortunately, probably the biggest minus test is the absence of paddles under the steering wheel.

Sure, it's a family car, but the paddles, that is, the possibility of immediate reassignment, will be appreciated by a man in a diesel Fabia, just in such a right car. Also, in manual mode, the shift lever has the reverse shift logic. Fortunately, paddles under the steering wheel can be paid for.

If you're asking for acceleration, the V60 T6 AWD can accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds. In Volvo, the average fuel consumption is about 7.5 liters, but the onboard computer has shown us a long-term average of 9.5 liters. But if we consider retrospectively that we have given these 310 horses a decent run, it is a very positive result.

The V60 is excellent soundproofing, although the traditional aerodynamic noise that accompanies vehicles with combi bodies is heard from the rear at higher speeds. One way or another, although for many people, they are not a cup of coffee, after the V60 experience, many would undoubtedly change their minds. In conclusion, the test specimen was worth 65 thousand euros (1.67 million crowns).

If you see a new V60 live, you wouldn't say that it's just a middle class. Because the estate has grown by almost 13 centimeters in length between the generations - the V60 is longer, wider and lower than competing Audi A4, BMW 3 or Mercedes-Benz Class C models.

It adds a short front overhang, high 19 "discs that are beautifully embedded in the fenders, a 15-meter lowered the undercarriage and low heights. Add to it the beautiful L LED lights and spectacular graphics, the distinctive roof spoiler or a pair of real exhaust tailpipes, and we can't say anything else but imagination.

If you think Volvo has preferred the design to practicality, it's not like that. Behind the fully electrically operated fifth door is up to 529 liters, which is again a record figure in the context of the German Troika. Also, the suitcase is regularly shaped and has a detachable partition that you can detach a large bag.

Even more, we have to melt over the interior, which is an eye-catcher with its minimalist Nordic presentation. From the cockpit, the novelty, the feeling for detail, and the unmistakable aesthetic handwriting literally flutter. Wherever you look, you observe honesty and well thought out elements with a distinct touch.

In the light skin, the cockpit looks really impressive and valuable, and more new elements attract your attention. Whether it is a Swedish flag, luxury-looking drivers with an excellent response, sophisticated sound quality Harman & Kardon audio or a button on the multifunction steering wheel that does not break the clean cockpit design. Even the alarm clocks play beautifully on minimalism.

However, let us not just praise, let's mention a few negative observations. The interior rear-view mirror is pushed into space, and so it is not forward, especially on the traffic lights, the view of whatever. In the interior, we would like to welcome the more frequent ambient backlight, which would add even more luxurious hallmark. In particular, however, we cannot understand how it is possible that the Swedes used a door lock that is noisier than in the Skoda, where it has been criticized for years.

The truth is that in terms of infotainment, the Germans are still somewhat else, especially in terms of intuition, but we do not want to criticize it explicitly, because it is mostly a matter of habit. After all, we like the fact that since the center 9 "display is portrait-oriented, you get close to it everywhere, so you don't have to go far with your fingers.

There is simply another feeling in Volvo. Infotainment is based on the operating system from smartphones, which is also indicated by the control philosophy. While changing 12.3 "digital alarm styles while you are rooted in the settings, don't expect any extra interaction depending on the modes. On the other hand, such wipers integrated into the wipers or electric heating of windows and seats by the outside temperature would not be expected.

We are tremendously praised in the seats, which look perfect, fit perfectly in them, and are also narrow so that they do not get unnecessary from the back to the feet. And the sitting? Not only are the seats shaped into a sports cradle, but in the V60 you sit lower than, for example, in the new Panamera. Even the center tunnel is so tall, and in fact, the driver behind the wheel literally encircles everything. Yes, someone may not be comfortable with it, because sometimes you feel cramped, but there is more than enough space in front.

If you consider the increase above in size and those above narrow front seats, you may not be surprised if we write that there is enough space in the back. However, it surprised us, because there is a lot of space in the V60 rear at the rear for the middle class, even for people of higher size. The minus of the low seat is that it sits a little crouched in the back - the legs are more angled.
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