The queue for inspection will return: motorists warned of changes

A fine from the camera for 2000 rubles every day, a reduction in the number of stations and an increase in prices - which will change the new law on technical inspection.

The queue for inspection will return: motorists warned of changes
The queue for inspection will return: motorists warned of changes.

In Russia, the rules for passing the examination will change significantly. The new edition of the law on technical review was adopted by the State Duma in the third and final reading on May 23. The main goal of all innovations is to return motorists to the legal way of passing MOT and force them to abandon purchases of diagnostic cards without checking into the service.

The changes are so severe that they will take effect only in a year. It will take so much time, in particular, to ensure that the operators of technical inspection points are accredited. Insurers did not rule out that because of this, the number of active items will sharply decrease. Also, the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (PCA) acknowledged that with current prices for passing inspection in the regions, it will be difficult for station owners to maintain the profitability of the business.

Follow the rules for the passage of an accreditation plan in the PCA. In the traffic police, they will be engaged in monitoring compliance with the regulations for conducting technical inspections and conducting unscheduled inspections and secret purchases after similar complaints from individuals and legal entities, as well as after media reports. We understand how it is necessary to undergo an examination from the spring of 2020.

Passage of vehicle inspection will be photographed and tracked by GPS
Diagnostic cards will begin to form in a single information system for technical review, and a professional expert will certify them with an electronic signature. Also, operators will have to photograph the car with an indication of the coordinates, date, time of the beginning, and completion of the passage of the inspection. This is done to exclude the design of "gray" diagnostic cards without actually arriving at the service. So that the photos are not rejected, the standards to which they must conform have yet to be approved, as well as to work out the possibility of determining as accurately as possible the coordinates of the location of the car.

Earlier they offered to shoot the whole process on video, but later deputies refused this idea. In the PCA, they said that they agree with this decision because the need to conduct video filming, and then to store the received files would raise the cost of the entire operation several times, which would hit the motorists.

“It would be possible to make a whole film about the passing of a vehicle, but it’s clear that the image can be distorted, and it would also have to determine from what angles to shoot everything to reflect all the important points,” explained the RSA representative Sergey Efremov. - All this is technically difficult and expensive. Not all operators would pull it, the cost of passing a TO could take off. ”

The number of diagnostic cards will limit
Now practically it is not regulated in any way what real name of cars can be checked by one or another technical inspection point. Therefore, the introduction of restrictions here also dramatically complicates the scheme of registration of documents in an illegal way.

“Some organizations of the line allow carrying out several dozens of maintenance services per day, others have the opportunity to check no more than 10 cars,” the RSA specified. - The maximum number of operations will be determined upon receipt of accreditation. RSA inspectors will check out and approve this number. ”

According to the insurers, if the inspection station cannot issue more than 10 coupons, the system will block the possibility of entering “extra” information into the database. According to the new rules, a technical expert should be in the principal place of work on each diagnostic line. But at the same time, an individual entrepreneur who meets the qualification requirements can become technical specialists of his own inspection station. Previously, it was forbidden, but now small businesses have decided to meet.

How to punish the ride without inspection
The issue of drivers' responsibility for the lack of a particular inspection coupon is in the process of being resolved - the State Duma has so far adopted the similar bill only in two readings. Deputies propose to excellent drivers for 2 thousand rubles, and they want to record violations with the help of cameras. However, it will be possible to extraordinary only once a day.

There will be no problems with the launch of an automatic check, as is the case with drivers having CTP policies, specified in the PCA. So, all information about passing inspection will be in a single database. Moreover, if the insurer finds out about such a violation, it will be entitled to terminate the contract with an unscrupulous driver. And if the car of the violator gets into an accident, the cause of which is a malfunction, the insurers will have the right to file a claim with the car owner.

“Until 2012, such fines existed,” recalled in the PCA. - Then they were canceled, now it is proposed to return the sanctions for the lack of inspection. This mobilizes people to pass the MOT on time and ensure that the car is in good condition. ”

As for unscrupulous inspection stations, they are offered to excellent them for issuing "gray" diagnostic cards for 300 thousand rubles. Also, the perpetrator is offered to deprive of liberty for up to six months - they plan to make a corresponding change in Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of Russia "Illegal entrepreneurship."

However, insurers claim that today, there are no problems with the availability of inspection points. And if they arise, the local administration will have to solve this problem. In total, 4,601 operators are currently working in Russia - they own 5,190 inspection points.

“If during the inspections violations are revealed, the accreditation of the technical inspection point will be suspended until the deficiencies are eliminated,” the PCA warned. - If similar violations are revealed within a year, the organization will be deprived of accreditation. For example, in 2018, after control checks, 314 points were closed. ”

Prices for inspection may increase
The question of a possible increase in prices for technical review after the launch of all innovations in the PCA was called “critical,” although they refused to speak directly about the rise in prices for the service. However, it was said that at present, in some regions, the prices for passing the maintenance are “too low.” Insurers also reminded that they were seeking approval of a minimum threshold price for conducting maintenance. However, the FAS blocked the initiative.

“In Dagestan, a technical inspection costs 305 rubles, in Tyumen - 290 rubles. With such prices, taking into account all the requirements that are provided for in the bill. Which is approved by the FAS. But she has lagged behind the current economic situation. We applied to the Federal Antimonopoly Service to introduce limits - lower and upper. Now there is only the upper threshold value, and the lower is not installed. And those who want to seize the market can lower prices even to the ruble. But in FAS opposed. Now the cost of technical inspection administration of each region claims itself. According to our estimates, passing a technical inspection cannot cost less than 1000 rubles. ”
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